This carding tutorial will walk you through the Western Union system, the tools that will help you create a Western Union carding in 2021, and walk you through the process step by step.

Read carefully and practice the new blueprints you will get a few times before heading to for the money transfer.


What is Western Union (WU)? explains Western Union as an American company providing financial services to users around the world. This organization helps transfer money from one place to another online or from hand to hand. Western Union’s country list includes more than 200 countries and territories, that is, people who live in these countries can send or receive money transfers between themselves.

Like all international companies, our mission is also to start using the purchased or spammed CVV to make an online transfer and then be able to receive it at the place of destination.

There is an option to send money directly by WU to the sender’s account number, but this option is only available to UK citizens and other supported countries.

What tools used to do Western Union carding in 2021?

Western Union workers are rumored to have started calling customers to confirm the order before it was released. Hence, it is better to choose the right tools and prepare all your details for their future inquiries in order to stay safe during the money transfer process.

The cc holder with their date of birth, SSN (social security number), last name or maiden name are required information.

  • SOCKS5

In fact, I would advise you to use the 911 VPN, as we need a stable and quality connection with the cc holders. RDP is only needed in case you are not using 911.

  • Make a call spoofer and forward it

We use a spoofer / call forwarding because it makes us more realistic. You must call them back to give your order information so that they do not suspect anything.

A number different from the cc holder’s real phone number will be displayed. This method will cover the actual phone number.

  • Make a call to the transfer service

They will definitely call you when you place an order to verify your identity and confirm details.

  • Western Union Account

You need to create a Western Union account on the website, but you need to use fullz for that.


Western Union 2021 carding method and tutorial

We have reviewed all the tools you need to card Western Union. You need to prepare them and learn them before you start to actually use them.

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It’s time to move on to the next topic regarding the Western Union Carding method. Let’s go through all the steps below together and you will learn a lot more about wu transfers.

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Step №1

First, you need to open 911 VPN and establish a stable connection with the location of the cc holder. After that, you need to create a new account using your cc owner’s data and then check your email for a link that will be sent to you later. The last part of this step is the verification procedure; you must log in to confirm your new account.

Step  №2

This step explains how to send a money transfer. When you are already in the account, you must enter the amount you are about to send. In addition, you must specify the method: how the transfer will be delivered to the recipient.

I generally use the Cash method when the recipient is able to collect the money personally. Do not enter more than 500, in case you do not have a bank record code; otherwise, they will need other verification procedures.

Step  №3

The next step requires selecting the sending method – how to send a money transfer. You have to choose between a credit card and a debit card, as we already use the cc purchased for this.


Step  №4

This part concerns information about the receiver. You must first fill out the form with the recipient’s data, then enter the cvv data.

Then you need to check and recheck your order and other information and submit it.

It’s time to make the payment. If the test passes, you will get the MTCN which will help you track your money transfer.

Important moments:

  • When they call you, you must first reject it and call them back via call spoofing.
  • Use the voice changer if you have to pretend to be another man or woman.

Bingo! Everything will be successful if you follow the instructions carefully.

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In summary, this tutorial was about the latest method of Western Union Carding.