Hey Carder, how is it today, in today’s article I am going to talk about the PayPal carding method , which also targets the PayPal carding tutorial for beginners.

PayPal Carding Method 2021: PayPal Carding Tutorial for Beginners

Before we get into PayPal Carding, we need to know what PayPal is all about:

PayPal simply means using an electronic mobile wallet to make instant payments.

Did you know The good news is that it is very easy to card PayPal either by purchasing an account or by creating a new account.

With this tutorial, anyone can do PayPal carding, including you by reading this article, and you don’t need any professional carding skills to use PayPal for cash. Just like that of  Cash App Carding  , if you follow these steps, you will be able to card PayPal.

To card PayPal, make sure you have a live CC, socks, and make sure you have a fake email address

Below I will disclose two methods for successful PayPal carding

PayPal Carding Method 2021: 100% Carding Work PayPal Carding Method 2021: 100% Work PayPal Carding Method 2021 [object object] PAYPAL CARDING METHOD 2021: 100% WORKING Methode de Carding PayPal 2021

Requirements for PayPal carding

Before you start carding, you should take note of the basic requirements for carding PayPal:


  • CC PayPal Live

==> Available at :   CARDING SHOP

you must have an active PayPal CC with full billing information. If you don’t have an active PayPal CC, don’t stress out trying to card as it won’t work.

You can run a no test if your PayPal CC is properly active and live by creating a premium account at p * rnhub.com to see if it will connect.

You can still access this website at  alexa.com  ,  go to the Open an Account website with your credit card. And run a test if the account opening is going to be successful, if the account opens successfully, it means your CC is online.

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After that, you will only have difficulty knowing your PayPal balance since you do not have access to the PayPal account.


  • Socks


Socks 4 is still good but not advanced, so I recommend using Socks 5.
When you enable Socks, make sure the proxy should be the same as the city + state associated with the CC. For the PayPal CC seller to tell you the state where it will join it in the CC, that is, if it is fullz.

If you are not familiar with setting up socks, you can always use the premium VPN to set it up. I sincerely believe that  Amazon  and PayPal can blacklist and collect IPs from VPNs. So when registering, you should use a strong VPN and not a free VPN to be on the safe side.


  • Fake e-mail address


In order to use PayPal, you must have an email address with the name PayPal CC. You can use any email service like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Gmail is highly recommended because they hide the sender’s IP address which makes the sender anonymous.

To visit absolutely:  CARDING SHOP

Ok, let me say for example if your PayPal CC account or your PayPal account name is Mr Smith, then make sure your email address you create should be something like mrsmith1@gmail.com.

Since the method requires and involves Amazon, the reason the email name matches PayPal CC is to make the account pass Amazon buyer’s review.

PayPal carding, transfer and cashout methods

PayPal carding and cashout method 1:

It is not possible to pay directly on Amazon with a PayPal account. But with the help of PayPal Cash Card and PayPal Business Debit MasterCard, you can card Amazon.


The steps regarding the
card method on PayPal are listed below:



  • Create an account on Amazon



  • Basket items



  • Log out and log in



  • Order and receive the item


Create an account on Amazon

You are not supposed to buy an Amazon account. all you have to do is go to  amazon.com  and create an account for yourself with the necessary information you need for billing on your PayPal CC.

Take note  : make sure to set your Socks proxy to city on the CC. If you are using a premium VPN, set your IP to city on the CC. For example, if the CC address is in the United States, your VPN should be connected to the United States. This will help you stay anonymous, every time you do your job.

Get paypal accounts with balance and paypal transfers on:  CARDING SHOP

Make sure to use the email address that matches your PayPal CC name information to create your Amazon account.

Basket items

When you are done opening an Amazon account, you will add the CC details to Amazon, which uses your Cc details to open an Amazon account.

Security on Amazon is really strong and not easy, so you need to be extra careful to avoid getting caught.

Log out and log in

When you are done adding the items to the cart, be sure to sign out of the Amazon account.

If you want your carding to go faster, log back into your account after 7 hours.

Order and receive the item

Click on verify order to wait for your order, do not exceed 100 €

PayPal 2 carding and cashout method:

Basic requirements for carding PayPal

Here are the requirements for carding PayPal

  • Live PayPal account with balance and
  • CC live non-VBV
  • Multi-account
  • CC Cleaner
  • Socks

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Note that  this method 2 has nothing to do with Amazon

Below are the basic steps to create a PayPal account:

Buy a PayPal account

You are supposed to get a hacked paypal account on our carding shop

Get multiple accounts

You need multiple accounts to switch user agents or remove fingerprint security.

Add CC to PayPal

When you sign in to your PayPal account, you are logging CC into your PayPal account.

Click on the Wallet link   and click on  Link a credit or debit card  . Click  Card  credit  or  debit  and enter your CC information.

The required CC information includes:

  • CC number
  • CC type
  • Billing address
  • CVV
  • Expiration date

When you’re done adding your CC to the PayPal account, create a donate button on the account you want to use for the withdrawal. pay with the h @ cked PayPal account you purchased.

Conclusion on: PayPal carding method: PayPal cashout tutorial for beginners

The PayPal carding method is not easy but with this tutorial you can freely card PayPal but be careful not to get caught.

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