This guide describes everything you need to know about the Nike carding method 2021 . Of course, I recently experimented with this method of carding and it worked.

Nike is one of the best carding sites and Nike carding is easier than Amazon carding, carding, PayPal carding, etc. The only challenge in carding this business is that you need a picker if you don’t stay at the address registered on the CC.


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To be successful you need tools like a VPN, fake email address, throwaway phone number, CC fullz, and Nike account, which you will use to order items with the CC you purchased. or collected from your customer.


Carding is not difficult so far, you pay attention in this Nike carding tutorial. Moreover, you don’t need any PDF to learn how to successfully card Nike.

Nike was founded on January 25, 1964, just 4 years after the invention of the Internet.

At the time, Nike operated as a simple store in the United States, many American residents loved to change their wardrobes with Nike products.

Today, Nike is a multinational corporation recognized around the world as one of the most successful industries that design, develop and manufacture equipment, footwear, accessories, clothing, and more.

Since Nike is a large company, it is considered to be one of the best sites for carders to make money, which is why this guide explains how to card

According to Nike, delivery is available in the United States, to FPO (Fleet Post Office) and APO (Army Post Office) addresses. This means that you must use the United States as your billing address for your carding to be successful.

Also note that Nike cannot ship to US territories, forwarders, parcel forwarding services and PO boxes. Carding Requirements

In this section, I disclose all the tools you need for successful carding. This Nike CC carding tutorial is based on the experience of recent experiments.

Here are the requirements for carding:


–>(available here)

Any VPN can be used for the card without disclosing your server’s IP address. Some carders are also preparing to use RDP which is great especially if you are using a PC for the latest Nike carding method.

You can download one of the best VPNs for carding or get a free VPN from the App Store. Note that you need a VPN that uses US servers as carding is most functional in the US, especially if you don’t want to use stores in your country. Also, you need to set your IP address to match the location of the card. For example, if the CC is registered in California, you need a VPN that supports California.


A Drop is a place where you collect the carded item. The drop-off location can be any location, including your mailing address, etc. but I recommend using neutral ground for the deposit.

In this case, you need a picker to transfer the item to your location.

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A picker is someone who collects your card item from the shipping company. This can be UPS or any email service supported by

You negotiate a percentage with the picker, which means you will send a small amount to the picker who ships your item back.

CC Fullz

–>(available here)

If you plan to ship directly to your location, you don’t need a picker, but you should be careful not to be tracked by the courier if the original CC owner discovers fraud on their location. Bank account.

The CC you need should include the bin from where you want to receive the item.

Generally, if you buy CCs online, you will get either the US or UK CCs. I recommend the American CC, especially because Nike mainly operates in the United States.

Disposable phone number

You need a disposable phone number for the carding method. It’s not like the phone number is crucial, but just to convince Nike that you are not a con artist.

You can get a number of disposable services from sites such as   FreePhoneNum   and   Burner App  .

The phone number must be registered in the country where the CC is registered. If possible, get a phone number similar to CC fullz phone number.

Fake e-mail address

You can hack into a Gmail account or create a new email account.

Note  : Do not use a disposable email address unless you want to be completely anonymous on the internet.

An email service like Google Gmail does not disclose a sender’s IP address, reducing the chances that can detect the location your email address points to.


How to Card Nike

In this section, I discuss the steps to card Remember I experimented with the carding method before putting together this Nike carding tutorial.

Here are the steps regarding the Nike carding method:

Get CC Fullz

If you can’t purchase CC, you can collect your customer’s credit card information and use it for carding.

If you want to be anonymous and willing to spend extra money on a picker, get a random CC registered in another country. Assuming you are from Africa, it makes sense to get a US CC for carding on

Get an email address / phone number

As I mentioned before, you need a disposable email address and phone number. I recommend a disposable phone number because your identity is not registered on the phone number; thus, it is difficult for any law enforcement agency to follow you if the need arises.

Make sure you create an email account at least 2 days before the day you create a Nike carding account.

Create a Nike account and add CC

I’m assuming your disposable or temporary phone number, VPN, and fake email address are ready.

To remember, make sure the email address matches the email address registered on the CC. For example, if the email on the CC is  , your new email address might be something like  .

To create a Nike account is easy, visit and register with your fake credentials. The credentials should match the CC details as much as possible.

Add items to cart

After creating the new account, add a few items to the cart, log out of the account for a few hours, usually 12 hours, and immediately clear the browser cache and cookies.

The items you add to the cart don’t have to be the items you want. For example, if you want to card shoes, the items you need to add to the cart include clothes, jersey, etc.


Order the article

After a few hours as I mentioned above, log into your account and remove the items from the cart. Now add your payment details using the CC you purchased.

To add payment information to, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Nike account.
  • Go to Credit  / Debit Cards  .
  • Select the “Add” card option and enter the CC details.

Note : If does not support CC bin, you will not be able to add the map.

If you add the card successfully, get the desired item. I recommend checking in as a guest, as online stores record less information about customer transactions.

Keep in mind that the shipping details you enter during checkout should be accessible to you. If you prefer extra security of your identity, use the address on the CC or ship to a state like Texas by providing their zip code.

Note  : If the CC allows you to card Nike items in UK, for example, you cannot ship to the USA because Nike does not support international shipping. So card on their stores directly with the card registered in the country.

Before that, contact an agent to negotiate the amount they will charge to ship the carded item to your location.

Pickup order

You can pick up your orders at any store or choose delivery by courier (registered).

Nike offers a variety of shipping options, including standard (3-6 days), expedited (2-3 days), express (1-2 days), store pickup.

If you have extra money to speed up the carding method, you can choose expedited shipping which should take 2 days.

Final thoughts

You need to keep a VPN active while carding, unless you don’t want to be anonymous.

Additionally, you cannot card a store in a particular country using the CC details registered in that country. If you successfully register the UK store, you cannot ship to USA as Nike does not ship internationally as I mentioned before.