Hi carders, we hope you are all safe and happy! Today we will be sharing real tips and tricks on how to cashout credit / debit cards by converting them to gift cards in 2021.

We have mentioned this in our previous articles a number of times, so at this point you may all be aware that carding is not the winning lottery ticket, nor is it a get-rich-quick scheme.


Carding in 2021 takes work, a lot of work combined with high-quality, undistracted research.

Guys, if you are looking to get rich without having to invest time and money, you’ve been dreaming and what’s more, you’ve come to the wrong place.

It is clear from the emails we receive every day that the vast majority of you are hoping that buying a “CC” alone will bring in thousands of dollars and that a “Dump” will give you a lofty and powerful lifestyle while someone else can do all the hard work of research for you.

Let’s be clear on this, you are dreaming! (excuse the french) but it won’t happen, you just can’t put your muscles just because you are a GYM member, you have to do the workout yourself, and no, no one else can do your workout for you, you need to do your own reps, it’s that easy!

First of all you have to get to know someone who knows their craft and this is where the problem lies, we carders don’t like to waste time with newbies because we are pouring out all our patience after having it mixed with perseverance in carding every day, then we don’t. not like kids running around telling us they did “all right” but yet they had a decline, no kids you didn’t do “all right” in fact you messed up some good things, yet the biggest way to be wrong is to think that you have “done everything right”.

So let’s get down to business, okay?

Here is a list of what you will need CASHOUT CC IN ONE GIFT CARD 2021:

# 1. VPN + SOCKS5 (available ==> here )

# 2. Anti Detect Browser (that’s what separates the pros from the shipowners)

# 2. A website (which you will card using the CNP transaction)

# 3.Valid high quality CC (available ==> here )

# 4. A valid number (only for large amount withdrawals, for example 1000 € +)


Once you’ve set your priorities, you’re ready to proceed below!


Connect to VPN, in order to make sure your IP is hidden, then check your IP with sites like www.hide-my-ip.com or whoer.net


Look at the CC address and find a SOCKS5 IP address in the same box as the CC holder address.

If you can’t find the same city’s IP address, try other cities close to the CC holder’s city, but this will obviously impact your success rate (however, if you do everything else correctly, your success will NOT be affected just because of that alone).


If you are using SOCKS5 from VIP72 or 911.re, you don’t need to apply socks on your Mozilla browser as these two offer their own desktop client to work with.

However, of course; However, not everyone can afford to use the SOCKS5 premium providers we mentioned above; not using premium SOCKS5 with clean IP addresses will obviously impact your success rate (even if you manage to do everything right, your success will be SERIOUSLY impacted just because you don’t have the own premium5 socks).


Go ahead and create two new email addresses, one to create the account on a gift card shop that you will be carding and the other email address that you will use for the delivery of the gift card.

Let us tell you a concrete fact so that you can shatter the myths that exist;

You may have seen other people put so much emphasis on using domains like Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail not to mention these people telling you to make the first email using the name of the owner of the email. card for registration, then let’s say your CC holder is John Doe then an email address should be like:

  • john_doe
  • john_doe
  • john_doe

Well, maybe that was important until it spread like wildfire, in fact now fraud officers are seeing email addresses that look a bit too much like the holder of the card and also classify it as suspicious as part of their account review process simply because they know carders are going to get such emails as close to CC holders as possible, pun intended!

You should use your common sense when creating an email address and no, we don’t mean that if you send emails like ”hacker123“ you can still expect that it doesn’t set off any alarms because it will, it won’t even be silly Stevie Wonder!

So as long as your emails aren’t downright suspicious they will work no matter what others tell you, we have tested this extensively and found it to be very promising with a great success rate, so follow our commandments.


Open your Mozilla browser in the 911.re or VIP72 desktop client and visit your target gift store that you want to card.

Sign up for a new account. The account you need to register using the CC holder details (name, address, state, zip code, etc.) and the email address you created earlier, then once you have registered confirm the ’email and you have completed this step.

STEP # 5.

When carding your goal should always be to ‘blend in with the crowd’ , have you ever heard of the phrase, the sticking out nail is hammered? It’s absolutely perfect when it comes to carding!


So search for the product (in your case e-gift cards) you want to buy and collect the gift card you like to buy, we suggest you make sure the CC is alive and has enough funds to cover the cost. otherwise, even if the real cardholder tried to purchase that same gift card, their order would also be refused!

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STEP # 6.

So, you are still going to make your purchase look normal by adopting normal behavior, so don’t be in a hurry to buy the gift card, take your time to write a personal message on your gift card, such as “Thank you for the delicious meal last week it was nice to meet you during the pandemic here is something to thank you etc. “ be creative but be credible in case your order is manually reviewed by the fraud agent, please DO NOT copy beyond our post because if everyone does that it will not work so come up with your own post, Remember we said earlier in this article that carding is not easy! It takes brain cells and creativity, copying and pasting won’t get you very far.

I’m sure you might have read this at a number of places where you need to sign out and age your account etc, but here’s the million dollar question; When was the last time you wanted to buy something and did? The answer is… well, NEVER!

So here you don’t need to age an account, it’s kind of an ‘ impulse buy’ depending on why you are putting the message for the recipient.

So add the gift card to your cart and make payment as a normal cardholder would, now you will be redirected to the shipping address and payment page.

On the delivery details page, fill in with a name and the second email you made in step 3 as the gift card will be sent to these details.

STEP # 7.

On the payment page, fill in the details of the CC holder.

Depending on the security of the gift card store, you should also provide the actual number which is in the same vicinity of the CC holder and if you give them VOIP, the vast majority of gift card stores can. say as this is part of the MaxMind anti-fraud detection tools if they can identify your number as VOIP, your account will be under manual review, we have noticed this time and time again.

So if you have the CC support phone number you can use it but change the last digit or use the correct CC support phone number, we suggest you invest in things like the sim cards burner because it pays in the long run if you chose carding as a career choice.

STEP # 8.

For a small value gift card, like $ 100, they won’t call for verification, but if you want to card higher value gift cards, you will need to call customer service to confirm the purchase before the online store calls the titular CC and here is how to do it.

Go to scam call service websites such as:

We only mentioned 3 above to give you an idea, but there are so many more, use your prepaid sim card (phone sim) to spoof your phone number and call online store d ‘where you try to buy the gift cards.

Maybe you can try carding the lowest gift cards (less than $ 100) first and once you have enough funds you can move on to buying high value gift cards in investing in fraudulent call credits.

STEP # 9.

If you manage to do everything as we have explained and you have half the brains, you will receive an email regarding the details of your order, and this is perfectly normal with almost any gift card store.

Then you will receive a second email stating that “your order has been completed successfully and the gift card is on its way to its recipient.” (it’s also you, so it will be in your second email)

Then you can verify your second email address and in the Inbox folder you will see the email with your gift card number.


STEP # 10.

What you do with this gift card is up to you, if you want to sell it you can do that on PaxFul if you want to keep it and use it, so do it, after all it’s your gift card so only you can decide what to do with it.


That being said, we have come to the end of this article, we can assure you that this is how we card gift cards and that there is nothing hidden or taken away that we are hiding from you until. what you give us money, there are no gimmicks and there are no hidden tricks.

Despite all the recipe we gave you above, most people will try it and fail because most people are used to cutting corners and taking shortcuts regardless, not to mention that due to so many nuts and bolts involved in carding, it takes time to learn and get them just at the same time.

Good luck, see you on the other side!