In this tutorial discover the complete venmo 2021 carding tutorial . Venmo is a mobile application that makes it easy to send money between friends.

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a type of peer-to-peer payment platform. It is a mobile application that makes it easy to send money between friends. No credit card, no wallet, no fees and no harassment for unpaid drinks required. Just pair the app with a debit card and spend.

Venmo has a weekly spending limit of $ 3,000. Download the app and all you need to sign up is a Google Voice number and a valid email address.

Once you’re signed in, you can join up to three credit or debit cards with Venmo and the money will go instantly and show up in your destination email address.

Once you have signed up for a venmo account , the money will appear as cash on the new account. What I did was sign up for the first account, send the money to another email address, then close the first account and sign up using the email that contained money for a second account.

After that my account balance was $ 3,000 in cash. Now remember that you can sign up for as many accounts as you want, so three accounts would mean $ 9,000 in one day will be sent to that one email account. At the end you will get 9000 in a new fresh venmo account.


Tools Needed To Card Venmo

Before you start carding venmo, you will need the following tools:

-Fresh device that Venmo has never been installed on ($ 25 + Walmart androids or dollar tree recommended)

-Btc or PayPal for # site

– Good CC debit card (available here)

-a Venmo drop account

For tools VisitCARDING SHOP

Let’s start Crarding Venmo.

1- Create account with CC information
⁃ Name ⁃ Address ⁃ Create email for cc ⁃ And when it asks you for a phone number, use these sites to get phone numbers: https: //app.truveri fi. Com /
The sites and applications know the difference between VoIP numbers (without text) and SMS numbers (SIM card), this site will help you get verification codes for the specific app or site you want to visit.
⁃ Load the site with bitcoin, verify the number
⁃ Then you add a
profile picture of someone’s Facebook or IG ⁃ And add the cc and billing address of the card
⁃ And add the account phone number deposit to your contacts
(If you want to make it more secure, link the burner account to an old Facebook account and you can increase the balance by the amount that can be sent)

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2- Open a Venmo account

3- Once you see your deposit account in your burner account contacts, you can continue Send $ 100 as starter, if successful, DO NOT spam CC. Wait about 1 hour to send another transaction In case of failure, try to get a lower amount or delete the account

4- Send to a designated email that you control the maximum of 3000.

5- Close the first account and create a second one and do the same (send 3000).

6- Close the second account and create a third one and do the same again (send 3000).

7- All the money you sent will now appear in a single email address.

8- Open a venmo account with the email address you sent the money to from the three accounts. All the money will be there in the form of cash, which you can transfer to any bank account using the routing and bank account numbers. It only takes a day


Important points to note when carding Venmo

1- You can only link three cards to each venmo account and no more even if you delete the accounts.

2- You need to close the accounts as you use them to create new ones and at the start it only allows you to send 300. However, if you check using Facebook or entering the last 4 digits of social security number, DOB and Zip, you get 3000 per week. This information is easily accessible.

3- Only use your information, including banking information, on the last catch all account in order to be able to make a withdrawal.

4- It allows you to attach credit and debit cards, including American Express.
It’s instant, fast and in one day you can create four accounts and earn over 12k