In this tutorial we present to you an easy method of pokerstar cc cashout in 2021 . Please follow the steps below.


The easiest and most legitimate way to make money with CC is online gambling.

All you need is to log into an online gaming website that has real money on it, for example, WWW.POKERSTARS.COM

Pre-requisites pokerstars cc 2021 cashout method:

1.  Online gaming account

2.  SOCKS or VPN

3.  Valid CC

Socks and CC available :  here

Pokerstars cc 2021 cashout procedure:

Create two accounts on WWW.POKERSTARS.COM.

One of the accounts will be the one where you receive and withdraw $$$ and the other will be created under the name of the cardholder corresponding to the CC.

Once the accounts are ready, set up SOCKS or VPN in the same city as the owner, for example, if the card you are using is from Texas, USA, you need to set up SOCKS or VPN for Texas as well.

Now that you have everything configured, all you have to do is start a 2 player game.

It is important to have clean money in your real account, adding funds using a clean payment method.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, $ 20 would be enough.

Now start playing with the two accounts together, your goal is to lose the money in the CC doner account to the benefit of the money collected by your legitimate poker account.

Once you’re ready, just use the same funding source you used to add funds to the live account and simply withdraw the fund balance you received from the donor account.

CC CASHOUT METHOD 2021 cashout CC CASHOUT METHOD 2021 cashout cc 2021

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