This article shows you how to get an Amazon refund without returning the product. You will be able to order things and get your money back without crap.

People have testified to how this trick works and it will continue to work for those who follow the directions.

Before we get into the basics, note that there are two Amazon refund methods which are the Old Amazon Trick and the New 2021 Amazon Refund Trick. After the  Refund Policy updates  Amazon  , the old trick has become obsolete (stopped working).

For the sake of understanding, let me briefly explain how the Amazon refund trick works.

Amazon Refund Tips 2021 :

This trick is to order an item and trick Amazon that the item is either defective, empty, or fake. That is, you will get Amazon to reimburse any amount used to purchase a particular product. For example, if you ordered a $ 200 mobile phone, this Amazon trick will allow Amazon to refund the money, sometimes in the form of a gift card.

Disclaimer: The Amazon refund trick is an illegal way to make money and you are responsible for it.

However, if you follow this guide carefully, you will learn a way around any consequences that might not even occur.

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Requirements for the Amazon Refund Method


Why I like this Amazon refund tip is that the VPN isn’t really necessary. However, it is still recommended as it is not good for your original IP address to be stored on Amazon servers.

Old Amazon Account

This does not mean a 10 year old Amazon account. In fact, even if you make it now, you can make it old. Simply complete at least 2 transactions with the account. I recommend ordering 2 items from € 2 to € 10 depending on what you can afford.


-> available here

PC or mobile phone (recommended)

I recommend the cell phone because the PC may be too complex. However, anyone closest to you agrees.

Note: Your Amazon email, linked credit card, and anything else doesn’t have to be fake or original. Depending on whether you want to be anonymous on the internet or known, it’s up to you.

Steps for Amazon Refund Method

1. Create an Amazon account

2. Order with the Amazon account

3.Order the main item you need (after real successful orders)

4. Receive orders

5. Contact Amazon and make a complaint

6. Get your money back from Amazon

7. Place the final order (optional)

After seeing the basic steps, let’s get down to the basics so that you understand ‘what’s going on’ with Amazon Refund Loot.

This section will teach you all about the Amazon refund trick. You will learn how to get a refund from Amazon without returning an item or product.

Let’s see how this can be done successfully!

Create an Amazon Account

-> available here

Many people will ask you to buy an Amazon account for an expensive price. However, I can offer you the same account cheaply. If you want to make your own I can’t guarantee you will be successful with this trick but I wish you all the best.


-> available here

Order with Amazon account

Make two successful Amazon orders worth $ 2 upwards. If you can afford more, great for you. But make sure the orders are successful. However, if you don’t want to wait and place at least two orders, you can create an Amazon account. You need to be careful as they might resell you an Amazon account that was already used for this refund trick. If this happens, you are in the soup because the authorities will try to hunt you down.

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Order the item you need

After completing two successful Amazon orders, now is the time to start the Amazon trick. First, open the account and add up to 3 items to the cart. Find the item you need and place an order. Enter a pickup location that is not too close to your home, as you might be tempted to try this pushing method again. Tell the seller you want “expedited delivery” if you want the item to be really fast. If you don’t want to rush things, allow the use of the standard delivery option, but it will take 7-14 days.

Note  :   Do not remove items from the shopping cart  .

Receive order

When the mail arrives, pretend you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. Sign, collect the package, throw it inside and exit immediately. This will let the courier understand that you have not confirmed the item. Once the mail is gone, come back and unpack your order.

Contact Amazon and Complain

This is when you manifest the Amazon refund trick. You can call, email, or complain to Amazon using your Amazon account.

I’ll show you how!

Complain directly with the Amazon account

Reimbursement configuration

  • Open your orders.
  • Find the order you want a refund for and select the issue.
  • Choose the problem you want. I will explain the problem you need for this trick to you.
  • Click Request a Refund.
  • Write something hard in the comment box and click submit.

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Amazon phone number

009 1 206-922-0880

If you want to speak to them directly, call this number. However, I don’t recommend calling Amazon.

Amazon Email

There is a “Send Email” option associated with your Amazon account.

These are the ways to contact Amazon and initiate the refund trick. However, when Amazon responds to you, your complaint should be as follows:

  • An empty box.


  • Fake article

For the “empty box” trick, this means that you are not returning anything to Amazon. Whereas, for the “fake item” trick, you must have prepared a similar item that will be returned to Amazon. Don’t know which method to use? Both are confirmed and depend on how you can handle the situation.

Get your money back from Amazon

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Refund option

Once the refund is successful, Amazon will send an apology. The money will be refunded either as an Amazon gift card or to your credit card. Your money will be refunded within 5 working days without further delay, it will arrive in the form of a credit card.

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Place final order (optional)

You can choose to place another one or just withdraw your money for something else. She managed to get your money back and keep the Amazon item, empty the Amazon account. If you want to repeat the trick, use a new account and a different address.

Bypass ID verification on Amazon

  • Open your Amazon account and click Login & Security.
  • You will find the two-step verification settings, click Edit.
  • Click on Disable
  • You will receive a security code on your mobile number. Enter the code and click Verify.

This should prevent Amazon from requesting verification when you perform the Amazon refund trick.


Before performing this new trick, know that you are not only cheating on Amazon, but the seller of the product. For example, if you order the iPhone 11 directly from Apple, this trick will lose both Apple and Amazon. This applies to all other sellers on Amazon. In addition, the carrier of your ordered item may be investigated for the item.

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