Today you will read all about dumps and how to cashout credit card dumps.There are two types of credit card dumps:

  • 101 dumps
  • 201 dumps

We will discuss both in this article, we will also teach you how to write card dumps and how to use credit card dumps for successful withdrawal.

We encourage you not to rush while reading this article and go through the tutorial and get all the information you need before proceeding with it so that you know the steps to follow, it will minimize your mistakes and also help you find the best possible tools. .

It is important that we explain the term “credit card dumps” before moving on to the tutorial, it will help those with little or no knowledge to understand how to go about it.


When you hear the phrase “credit card dumps” we automatically assume that this is an identical copy of the data written on a card magnetic stripe.

You can also say that it is an unauthorized digital copy of the information on the magnetic stripe of an active credit card, such as card number and expiration date.

This information can then be used to create a clone credit card using a device called MSR605X which is able to read and write magnetic stripe data, once done the clone credit card is then used to make offline purchases in person or even to withdraw cash using an ATM.


Believe it or not, there are people who make a living doing such jobs and we work with these people that we call them dump sellersfor the simple reason that they provide us with these dumps that we sell at. our customers all over the world. (Please feel free to contact us if you needed dumps.)

These people are experts in the field of skimming, they usually do this by inserting a skimming device in POS as well as at ATMs, gas station or any point of sale where card payments are made. credit / debit are accepted which is almost everywhere. There is also a device called the gsm data receiver which allows you to retrieve dumps remotely without approaching ATMs, pos, or gas stations.

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When a victim uses a POS Machine or an ATM with the skimming device preinstalled, their information becomes available to our vendors who have inserted these devices, therefore, it is stored in tracks 1 and 2, and a small camera. preinstalled catches customers. when entering their PIN code.

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these leads can then be used by our customers like you to make a duplicate card for use in store or withdraw the money at your local ATM.

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It is important to know that not all dumps come with a pin, some customers cover their keyboards while entering their PINS in such cases, the dumps are sold at a much lower price.


If you are not a skimmer yourself, you will need to purchase credit card dumps with PIN from us , we have providers working with us on a daily basis.

Many people come to tell us:

“Hey, I know someone who sells a dumps with a pine for 50 euros, why are you selling it for higher prices?”

The answer is very simple, our dumps are quality dumps, we are proud to have an “80% success rate” which makes us one of the best on the market.

Our skimming providers are the best, they provide us with guarantee and we check whether the dumps are live or not before we pass them to you, the only reason our dumps will fail is if the customer has changed their PIN code after its information has been provided. copy.

We go the extra mile to get the information and will not give it cheap, it is a win-win solution for you, us and our dump sellers.

So you can go ahead and try others, we’re sure your success rate won’t be the same as ours!

You will also need to buy a good MSR, we recommend the MSR605X that comes with its software, you will use this MSR to write the track information that we will give you.

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You can either buy the tracks or buy done for you dumps (white cards already cloned and written).

Once you have access to a quality credit card dumps , you can withdraw the money directly from the ATM machine, we do NOT recommend using a white card in stores unless you have a debit card. credit that you can use temporarily.

CAUTION: If you are going to use the card in a store, you must first copy the data from your own cards magnetic stripe and save it to a document for later, then you will delete the data from that card so that you can write and dump the data on it for use in any store.

On we sell active credit card dumps with PIN code, so if you are interested in purchasing credit card dumps with PIN code you can do it here (write to us by telegram)

If you already have an MSR reader / writer , you will only have to purchase the dump that came with tracks 1 and 2.

For the United States and Canada, 101 dumps is the easiest way to go about it.

For EU customers they will need both Mag strip + EMV software and our favorite is X2 with all extensions.

We hope you enjoyed this article and if you need any assistance, please contact us .

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